Privacy Policy

Zayt is a hobby project with no interest in your personal data. Signing up for an account is optional.

  • If you use Zayt without an account, we collect:

    • Basic, privacy-conscious analytics information to improve the site, including:
      • How long it takes pages to load
      • Which pages are getting the most views
      • Which countries people are viewing the site from
      • The share of different types of browsers and devices being used to view the site (desktop, phone, tablet, and so on)
      This data is anonymous and not correlated with or stored alongside any personal data that you choose to provide.

    We store:

    • A single authentication cookie indicating that you are not logged in
  • If you use Zayt with an account, we collect the information above, plus:

    • The display name you provide when signing up (which doesn't have to be your real name), in order to display alongside your annotations and comments
    • The email address you provide when signing up, in order to get in touch if necessary

    We store:

    • A single authentication cookie indicating the account with which you're logged in

    We do not store your password. We never collect financial information, phone numbers, or any other personally identifiable information. We don't sell your information and we don't spam.

    If you choose to make a donation through PayPal or Stripe, the payment processing company handles your payment information. We do not store any of your payment information. We may use your basic contact information to get in touch in case of a dispute.

Our web hosting and analytics are provided by Cloudflare. Refer to their privacy policy for more information on what data they collect.